Race Condition #291

Race Condition is a racing game where you're flying through space at rapid speeds and see colors and shapes swoosh by.

The game-objective is straightforward: you accelerate and try and stay on the road, if you miss a jump or a turn, you crash! The script determines the properties of your spaceship, acceleration, handling and max speed, as well as the map layout, including difficulty, color composition, and available power ups.

Once the series has been fully minted, a highscore of all the mints will be created on racecondition.art. The winners in each category will be awarded an additional Race Condition Winner NFT. The categories include but are not limited to fastest spaceship, most difficult level, easiest level, worst acceleration, and worst max speed.

In Race Condition, the winners are not determined by your driving skills, but by something outside of your control, the properties and features of your mint. Is your level more difficult than the others? Is your spaceship faster? Whether you are a winner in one of the categories is not really up to you, so enjoy the ride and race without pressure!

The Controls

⬆️ or W to accelerate
⬇️ or S to decelerate (and cancel Nitro)
⬅️ or A to drive left
➡️ or D to drive right
Space to jump
N to activate Nitro
M or ⬇️ S to stop Nitro
ESC to open settings

Shortly after loading, the spaceship will start to race the map by itself in self-driving mode, where it can't crash. As soon as you press a key on your keyboard, it switches to driving mode.

The Levels

Race Condition has 21 different map generating algorithms, each with their own set of challenges and difficulty rating. The algorithms take into account the playability in combination with the difficulty and try to strike a good balance between the two. Each mint gets a difficulty rating and that determines which map pool is used for the creation of the level. The easy ones requires next to zero effort whereas the hard ones require a lot of skill in driving. The Easy Medium Hard means that it can select map algorithms from the complete pool.

The Music

The music is generated by first selecting a scale from a set of 14 predefined ones, combined with two oscillators / synth configurations, and spread across an imaginary step-sequencer, where the hash determines which steps should be activated or not, how long the sequencer should be, what BPM it should be, and when it step into the next phase of the step-sequencer, which results in some very nice chip-tune repetitive tracks.


On mobile, the spaceship accelerates automatically and you turn left/right by tilting your device. You need to grant permission for this to work, if you decline, the spaceship will drive by itself in self-driving mode.

About Jonas Lund

Jonas Lund is a Swedish conceptual artist who creates paintings, sculpture, photography, websites and performances that critically reflect on contemporary networked systems and power structures.


Website/Works: jonaslund.com
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